Colorado Water Law

Our Colorado Water Law practice is an area of great pride at Balcomb & Green. The late Ken “Blue” Balcomb served as General Counsel for the Colorado River Water Conservation District from the early 1960s until 1981, and in that role he argued and won three cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Today, the firm continues in his tradition of excellence with decades of experience helping our clients secure reliable water supplies and protect valuable water rights.


Balcomb and Green is nationally ranked by US News and World Reports for Natural Resources Law and locally for their work in Water Law.

Welcome to Balcomb & Green, your trusted resource for understanding Colorado Water Law. Our expert water attorneys in Colorado are committed to providing comprehensive guidance and representation in all matters concerning water rights, usage, and compliance.

Our water lawyers are at home practicing in every major river basin in Colorado, and have extensive experience in the Colorado, Gunnison, Roaring Fork, San Miguel, South Platte, White, Yampa, Blue, Eagle, and Arkansas River Basins.

Colorado Water Law: An Overview

Colorado’s water laws have evolved over centuries to manage this precious resource in a semi-arid state. Governed by a complex system of statutes, court decisions, and administrative regulations, water law in Colorado demands specialized expertise. At Balcomb & Green, our skilled water attorneys possess an intimate understanding of these laws, serving as staunch advocates in navigating Colorado’s intricate water regulations.

Water Rights in Colorado

Water rights are the cornerstone of Colorado’s water law. Our water law attorneys help clients understand and secure water rights, protecting and utilizing these valuable entitlements effectively. We represent individuals, businesses, and organizations in acquiring new water rights, transferring existing ones, and navigating water court proceedings.

Our dedicated water law attorneys provide top-tier legal representation in a range of water-related matters:

1 – Water Rights Transactions

We handle water rights acquisitions, sales, and leases with efficiency and effectiveness, safeguarding your access to this critical resource and securing your investments.

2 – Water Due Diligence

Our meticulous investigations identify potential water rights, assess their validity, and determine associated risks, empowering you to make informed decisions during land or property acquisitions.

3 – Water Conservation and Sustainability

Balancing responsible water usage with limited resources is paramount. We assist in developing sustainable water management strategies that comply with Colorado’s conservation laws, fostering long-term environmental stewardship.

4 – Water Dispute Resolution

Our skilled negotiators seek amicable resolutions for contentious water disputes, and if necessary, provide assertive representation in water court litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

5 – Compliance with Colorado Water Law

We offer comprehensive legal counsel to ensure compliance with all water laws, permits, and reporting requirements, mitigating potential liabilities and ensuring adherence to high standards of legality.

As a leading legal firm specializing in water law, Balcomb & Green is your trusted partner in navigating Colorado’s regulatory landscape. Our water law attorneys possess the expertise to protect your water rights, guide complex transactions, and provide strategic counsel on sustainable water management.

Secure the future of your water-related endeavors with Balcomb & Green. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and ensure compliance with Colorado Water Law.

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Representative Clients

Balcomb & Green attorneys represent a diverse water-rights clientele, including ranchers, farmers, ditch companies, municipalities, industries, conservation interests, and real estate developers. A few of our other clients include, without limitation: Duroux Ditch Company (Glenwood Springs, CO), Granby Ranch / Granby Realty Holdings, LLC, Park Ditch Company, Ranch at Roaring Fork Homeowners’ Association (Carbondale, CO)