Corporate Attorney


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Corporations have a special place in business law. They can be highly complex and equally confusing. This underscores the need for a lawyer experienced in corporate law.

The Role of a Corporate Lawyer

The role a corporate lawyer is to oversee the legality of corporate and business activities. They can oversee commercial transactions, offer advice on corporations’ legal rights and duties, and work with corporate officers. Good corporate attorneys have experience and training in contract law, accounting principles, securities, tax law principles, local and state zoning laws and licensing, and corporation-specific statutes and regulations.

Corporate attorneys do not argue and appear in court as trial lawyers often do. Corporate attorneys often act more as facilitators and advisors – helping corporate processes and transactions, and working to ensure their clients’ activities remain legal at every stage of the processes for which their services are engaged. Corporate lawyers help to draft legally binding documents, review agreements before signing, negotiate deals when necessary, and attend meetings to provide legal counseling and advice.

Depending on their particular relationship with their clients and the scope of their engagement, corporate attorneys can advise business transactions, and/or represent their clients before local and state government and regulatory bodies. Corporate lawyers do a lot of the leg-work and provide advice concerning the requisite paperwork that keeps their corporate clients legally successful.

Our General Corporate Legal Services

Balcomb & Green’s general corporate attorneys collaborate. They often work with lawyers from other companies to come to agreements and work out disagreements or concerns that arise during the course of business operations. Negotiations are a common activity that all of our corporate attorneys are capable of helping you with. Long hours are often necessary for corporate attorneys to be successful, and our Business Services practice group members are not afraid to work long hours to ensure our clients’ success and legally appropriate conduct.