Business Planning

Business Planning Attorney


Balcomb and Green is nationally ranked by US News and World Reports for Natural Resources Law and locally for their work in Water Law.

Balcomb & Green’s business planning attorneys work closely with smaller and start-up business owners to plan and prepare for a wide range of business needs. We can help with every step in the business planning process.

Our business services attorneys can review your plans and point out potential problem areas. We can offer advice on how to correct issues we see and build a better and stronger business plan. We can also help you decide what form of business to organize or incorporate.

Working together, our business services practice group stands ready to assist at your instruction, to develop sound business plans, legally binding contracts, and properly registered legal entities.

Below find just few of the things our business planning attorneys can help you with.

Business Set-Up:

Choosing the right type of business organization can make or break your business, so it is best to choose with the help and guidance of a trained professional.

We can help you identify the local, county, and/or state departments and agencies that may regulate or license your business, to ensure your business is started and/or licensed correctly, maintained legally, and prepared for successes to come.

Buy-Sell Agreements:

Whether you are buying or selling there are aspects to the process that can be made clearer with a skilled and knowledgeable business planning attorney’s assistance.

Succession Planning

Business succession planning is another important aspect of long-term business management that many individuals do not think about when they are first starting up their business; our business planning attorneys can help with this process.

Key Person Planning:

Chains of command and communication flows are integral to the survival of any successful business. An attentive business planning attorney can help fine tune your plans to head off potential problem areas.